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"Galaxy Space" satellite constellation

Make these all possible!

We are developing innovative high-performance communication satellites.

We will build intelligent and efficient automated satellite plant in the future.

Constellation Scheme

The constellation has up to 1,000 communication satellites deployed on 500km-1000km Low Earth Orbits.

Global Coverage

The constellation seamlessly expands the terrestrial communication networks, covering all regions of lands, oceans and sky.

5G Network

Aligning with 5G standards, the constellation allows users to access 5G networks with high speed and flexibility.

User Terminals

Small, intelligent, low-cost satellite user terminals are suitable for use in schools, homes, automobiles, aircrafts and many other scenarios.

AI Services

Combining advanced AI and big data technologies with tele-communication capability, we provide customers with multi scenario solutions.

“Galaxy-Ⅰ”- Broadband Communication Satellite

The low-cost and high-performance small communication satellites developed by Galaxy Space, has the characteristics of modular components, lighter weight structure, and intelligent and mass manufacturing. When the Galaxy constellation satellite approaches the end of its service time, the satellite will automatically perform maneuvers and then burn out in the atmosphere.

Galaxy Space User Terminals

The small, intelligent, and low-cost satellite user terminal, working with the satellite communication system, provides an economical, practical, stable and convenient network, allowing users to access the Internet at high speed efficiently. The user terminal is easy to install and use, and can be customized and equipped with solar self-powered expansion modules and AI voice control optionally.

Galaxy Space 5G satellite communication convergence solution

With "intelligent" LEO communication satellites as the core, supplemented by a satellite communication network integrating space and earth, to create a 5G overall solution for Galaxy;Take AI as a foothold, link the product ecology of the entire chain of information services.

Services cover: ubiquitous area coverage, emergency response, marine fishery administration, IOT, inspections in remote areas, ecological protection, etc.

Galaxy Space AI series solutions

AI empowers the industry, and Yinhe has deepened its business practices to give customers more competitive advantages.The Galaxy AI series solution is an intelligent service platform and capability center built based on the understanding of the industry and enterprise business, providing intelligent solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency and provide full life cycle management services;and can collaborate with 5G communication systems to provide cities with ubiquitous IoT solutions.

Services cover: Smart middle platform, smart grid, smart ecology, smart fire protection, simulation, smart environmental monitoring, intelligent analysis of remote sensing images, etc.

Galaxy Space big data application series solutions

Help enterprise-level users quickly apply big data in business scenarios to help business development and industrial upgrading.Yinhe starts from actual application requirements,Mining the precipitation data of the enterprise,mining the precipitation data of the enterprise,Effectively integrate and penetrate customer data basic information and behavioral information of corporate customers,In-depth customization of industry characteristics, development trends and segmentation scenarios, with the help of big data technology to help business development.

Services cover: industry big data analysis, ecological big data platform, energy big data application solution, fire protection big data application solution, etc.